My happy place: Rio Chama, New Mexico

My happy place: Rio Chama, New Mexico

Three generations! My mom, daughter and me.  Photo credit: Heidi Schoeffler Photography

Three generations! My mom, daughter and me.
Photo credit: Heidi Schoeffler Photography

Hi, I'm Jessy Day.

I photograph people who want—or need—to see the beauty in their daily lives. In the time they share with me, I’m lucky to capture people in love with their families; interacting, smiling, and building memories with the humans and animals they care about most.

I named my business Elephant June Photography because June is my daughter's birth month, and every day she wakes up saying she dreamed of elephants. 

It sounds cliché, but my whole life has been leading up to the forming of Elephant June. I received my first camera, a vintage Canon AE-1, at age 15 and quickly joined my high school's newspaper and yearbook staffs. Before I earned my B.A. in Communication, I was a Photojournalism major but found I much preferred observing relationships over newsworthy happenings.

With the birth of my daughter in 2015, my camera took on a whole new meaning. It became a time machine, able to capture my baby at the youngest she would ever be again.  

If you’re dying to read more, here are three more interesting things about me:

  1. I met my husband while rock climbing. We met at a climbing gym, our first date was a climbing date, our first road trip was to climb in the Boulder Flatirons in Colorado, and we got engaged on a mountain. Now we climb as a family and love the new Momentum Indoor Climbing gyms in Katy and the First Ward.

  2. I co-facilitate a nature-based learning program called Free Forest School. It’s a worldwide organization and Houston’s group is growing and thriving. My daughter can be a homebody some days but she always gets dressed and ready for Forest School.

  3. My voice has been in more than 30 television commercials. I spent three years writing, producing, filming and editing local TV commercials in Kansas with a very small production team. We all loaned our talents when necessary. My first voiceover was for colorectal cancer screening. I’m not kidding!

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