Willow Meets World - OR - Why I Didn't Shoot Bluebonnets This Year

In spring there are flowers. In Texas spring, there are BLUEBONNETS. And taking family photos amongst the state flowers isn’t just an annual tradition, it’s an institution. I launched my business with Bluebonnet Minis and found some of my favorite and most loyal clients this way. So this year when my second-born decided to make her debut at the start of bluebonnet season, I realized I would have to refer my clients to other trusted photographers and beg that they come back to me next year!

With that decision made for me, I ventured into my first newborn photography session. And who better to learn with than my own child! So without further ado, I introduce Willow Jean, born on March 15, 2019! Here she is at nine days old.

Elephant June Photography_Newborn_Willow.jpg

I will admit this wasn’t an easy shoot for me. I’d had an emergency C-Section, and at nine days postpartum, I could hardly get out of bed unassisted. But we took it slow and I took lots of breaks. I knew that I couldn’t let this opportunity to capture my newborn slip by. She is my rainbow baby and likely my last, so as a mom, not just a photographer, the sense of urgency overpowered my instinct to be still and heal.

Elephant June Photography_Newborn_Willow_Full.jpg

I shot for about 30 minutes at a time and rested for about an hour between shooting two sessions. I experimented with light and composition, props and placement. Slowly, I felt my groove come back after having had a break from shooting while on self-imposed maternity leave. This little lady was such a champion throughout.

Elephant June Photography_Newborn_Willow_Feet.jpg
Elephant June Photography_Newborn_Willow_Pink Wrap.jpg

If there is anything I’ve learned about owning and operating a business, it’s that there is no growth without first trying. Newborn photography is such a special niche — these babies are so tiny and delicate, their needs so specific, and their parents are quite delicate themselves from having experienced such a life altering change. I know I have much to learn about photographing newborns.

But family is my passion, and I am so glad to have captured this newest addition to my family. I am grateful, and proud, for the learning experience, too.